Wednesday Life Groups

Sept. 27 - Nov. 22 | 7-8:30PM

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LEADER: Cheryl VanderAhe

You are invited to join the Koinonia Kids team for the 9-week Fall Semester of Life Groups on Wednesday nights. This is a great opportunity to get involved in any of our classes, from Nursery to Grade 4.

Contact Cheryl by email ( or at 519-744-7447 for more info or to find out details on what serving in a particular class might involve!

REQUIREMENTS: Open to anyone in Grade 8 and up. A current police check is required before the beginning of the semester. Training will be provided.


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LEADERS: Koinonia Kids Team

We are so excited to continue learning about God through the series “What’s in the Bible?”. Each week we look at a book or section of the Bible to discover what it means for us and how it contributes to God’s rescue plan for humanity! We’ll discover how God was preparing His people for the perfect King, how He rescues us from exile & captivity, the wisdom He gives, and so much more. Each week will also be full of awesome games and activities.

REQUIREMENTS: For all kids in Grades 1-4. Bring your Bible. *Note - Visit the check-in kiosk for name tags before going to this class.


LEADERS: Koinonia Kids Team

This semester we’ll be learning about life skills and values from some great guest speakers! We’ll talk about things like handling money, decision making, making friends, and healthy habits – all through the lens of being on a mission! Wrapped in that we will explore values from God’s Word like integrity, compassion, and cooperation, just to name a few. Our guests will talk about the skills and values they use everyday at their jobs and how God has equipped them to reach their world.

REQUIREMENTS: For kids in Grades 5-8. Bring your Bible, notebook, and pen. *Note – Visit the check-in kiosk for name tags before going to this class. Kids in Gr 5 & 6 will need to be picked up by parents at the end of the evening.*


LEADERS: Nick Ferguson, Kaitlin Kubassek, Jonathan & Meaghan Brown, Bryan Ferguson

This Life Group is for youth to engage, explore, and experience God and the truth of His Word. We will search the Word of God and enter into times of worship so that we can connect with the very heart of God. If you are asking…How can I hear God’s voice?... What does the Bible really say?...Is there still power in prayer and prophesy today?...Do I have a spiritual gift?...What does the presence of God feel like?...then you will want to come and connect on this personal journey of learning and experiencing God.

REQUIREMENTS: For youth in Grades 9-12.



LEADERS: Joseph & Mora Olubobokun

Children are important and unfortunately they do not come with a manual. Raising our children effectively is one of the most important and crucial assignments God has given us as parents. God’s Word is filled with wisdom on how to lead and direct our children, preparing them for His purposes. During this 9-week Life Group, participants will be challenged to embrace God’s design for raising their children and learn tips for effective parenting.



LEADER: Dave Champion

Discover how a disciplined, systematic digesting of scripture gives you the benefit of countless experiences and invaluable life lessons. From routine reading to fresh encounters, you'll learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's eternal counsel as you spend time in His living Word. Join us as we take time to read God’s Word, journal on what God is saying to us, and discuss the daily reading with one another. Click here to get the reading plan.

REQUIREMENTS: Bring your Bible and notebook. Recommended - purchase the book ‘Divine Mentor’ by Wayne Cordeiro for $15 from the Resource Centre.



LEADERS: Debbie Eckmier, Maryanne Mohle

Understand what 1 & 2 Thessalonians has to say about the end times, the Gospel, suffering, and sexual purity. Learn how to study the Bible using simple inductive methods.

REQUIREMENTS: Purchase the New Inductive Study Series (NISS) ‘Standing Firm in These Last Days’ by Kay Arthur for $11 from the Resource Centre.



LEADERS: Pastor Steve & Beth Fleming Daniel & Rachel Tarasko

Emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable. Join us as we listen to DVDs by Pete & Geri Scazzero and learn practical skills that will enable us to put scripture into practice. These sessions will help transform the way we love God, ourselves, and others.

REQUIREMENTS: Purchase the ‘Emotionally Healthy Relationships’ workbook for $17 from the Resource Centre.



LEADERS: Erik VanderAhe, Stephanie Bigelow, Nathan Turner

On October 31, 1517, the Western World changed forever. God’s sovereign hand was over kings and popes, princes and priests, mayors and merchants, as an obscure German monk shook western civilization. We will use presentations, video, and discussion to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and gain a greater understanding of the people, events, and theology of the times and how they continue to impact us to this day.



LEADERS: Jim Lee, Chris & Heather Mitchell

Jesus said that in the last days men’s hearts would fail them because of fear and anxiety. But that was the natural man. We are a supernatural people who can live above the noise of this world. In this course we will learn that the supernatural life is real and can be a part of our everyday living.



LEADERS: Dot Turner, Oto Perez, & Team

Based on the Alpha Course, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce people to the basics of Christianity. It will be great for young believers and anyone who wishes to experience Alpha. These engaging video sessions, filmed around the world, feature inspiring stories and interviews, and in an interesting way address questions such as ‘Is there more to life than this?’. Enjoy dessert, build friendships, and hear from others, while contributing your own perspective. Invite a friend to join you!



LEADERS: JP Smits, Jamie Kubassek

We receive precious gifts from God; however, then He leads us to an altar and asks us to lay down everything, including His own fulfillment of the promises He gave us. Does that sound crazy? When God is the hero of the story, it never ends in death. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This is a video-based series taught by Pastor Sion Alford from Gateway Church. It will be followed by discussion led by Worship Pastor JP Smits. The series will teach you the importance of walking in the character of Christ. Talent can take you places, but character is what will keep you there. A worshipper’s character builds upon an enlightened understanding and a heart of worship to develop holiness and purity.

REQUIREMENTS: Purchase the book ‘Divine Detours’ by Sion Alford for $15 from the Resource Centre.



Following Life Groups at 8:45PM

REQUIREMENTS: For Grade 9+. Bring non-marking running shoes. No sign-up needed.