About Svet Ministries

Svet Ministries started with 2 sisters. The sisters were born in Central Asia, in one of the former Soviet Union countries. The older sister’s search for the Truth took her on a journey during her young adult years. She became a very influential Communist youth leader, turning into a devout follower of the Muslim religion.

After hearing about Jesus, one day, she opened up her heart and an incredible miracle happened in her life! Soon, God’s love touched her younger sister as well and she also came to believe and follow Jesus.

For the sisters, accepting Jesus meant serving by loving and caring for others so they began by helping at orphanages. Their lives now had purpose and their faith made an impact in the lives of the needy everyday. Senior citizens, the blind, children with special needs, and the socially rejected became the focus of their ministry.
Recently, a harsh situation forced them to leave everything they had and knew to move to Canada. The sisters have made their home here in Canada and their new life continues to be fuelled by their love for God and their passion for serving others and spreading the Gospel.

Slavic-Speaking Immigrants Outreach

The Slavic-Speaking Immigrants Outreach is a ministry designed to serve the practical and spiritual needs of newcomers to Canada who are part of the Slavic-speaking community.

The outreach consists of:
- Pastoral, Spiritual guidance and connection to local church
- General support and direction for settling in Canada
- Slavic language support with immigration process, doctor’s appointments, etc.
- English language programs
- Special outreach events 
- Furniture & food distribution programs
- Transportation & translation

Jewels of Central Asia

Jewels of Central Asia is a project that supports 15 national workers in a restricted access nation who lead several programs that reach the poor and the most vulnerable persons of society through:
- Orphanages
- Families with special needs children
- Society for the blind 
- Scholarship program for orphans
- Female rehabilitation programs
- Prison ministry
- Cancer patients

How to Partner with Svet:

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