sunday life groups


LEADERS: John Turner, Daniel Turner
TIME: During 9am Service

Welcome to the family! If you’ve been getting started on your journey of faith within the last year or so, we would love for you to be a part of this group. We’ll talk about the basics of faith in Christ, what it really means to be ‘born again’, and we’ll discuss any questions you may have.


LEADER: Dave Champion
TIME: During 11am Service

Heart of the House is designed to share the vision of Koinonia and communicate our core values. This 5-week course centres around videos of Pastor Steve Fleming sharing the heart of Koinonia, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discuss each lesson. This is a great orientation if you are considering making Koinonia your home. If you have already made Koinonia your home, this is a necessary step to begin serving.

REQUIREMENTS: For anyone in Grade 7 and up.