Africa. In the vastness of a continent rich with life and beauty, thousands of children die every single day from starvation and malnutrition. But we believe in a different future for Africa. JAM is an organization dedicated to holistic development and emergency feeding in more than 5 nations all over the continent. 

Our feeding program is not a one-day event, or a short term project. We believe in not just giving a child a meal, but providing sustainability in a community. Clean water, agricultural development, skills training; we believe in providing a hand-up for these communities, not a hand-out. 

Through our school feeding programs, we provide over 1 million children with nutritious meals each day. But we see a future where starvation is alleviated throughout all of Africa. Help us make this dream a reality as we continue to help Africa help itself.

There are 3 ways you can get involved with supporting JAM:


*More about the Gift Card Program

Feed a child without it costing you a dime!


Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop at.


We will mail those gift cards directly
to you each month.


A portion of each monthly order will be donated to JAM Canada