Whether you have been saved for a week or 20 years, reading God's Word on a daily basis is essential to your growth as a disciple of Christ. Journaling on what you read each day is a powerful tool for getting His Word deep into your heart.

We consider it an honour to be personally mentored by God himself, every single day! As you spend time in God's Word, record your S.O.A.P. in your Life Journal – one SCRIPTURE verse that stands out to you, an OBSERVATION about the verse, APPLICATION to your life, and PRAYER. Just remember, it’s not the program, but the process that changes our hearts as we sit with the Master.

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Getting Started Life Journal

The Getting Started Life Journal is especially designed to help new believers discover the treasure, learn the truths, and experience the promises that God has prepared for them in His Word. It takes you on a 28-day journey through some of the most important parts of the Bible for you to read as a disciple of Christ. The journal provides you with insights from what you read each day and a place to record your own thoughts.

The Getting Started Life Journal is included in the package that new believers receive when they give their lives to Christ. If you would like a copy, you can click the link below to download it, or purchase a copy at the Resource Centre.