We appreciate all of those who partner with us in bringing the Gospel to our city and beyond! Thank you for your continued support. We are always endeavouring to steward the resources that God has given us to the very best of our ability, including managing the finances that come through our hands in a way that honours Him. We also desire to serve you as you give, through effective and efficient means.  

If you have any questions regarding the following options, please don't hesitate to contact us at 519-744-7447.



1. In Service

On Sunday mornings, take an envelope from the seat pocket, fill out the information, enclose your gift (cash/cheque) and drop it in the offering bucket.

2. Giving Kiosk

On Sunday mornings, stop by the Giving Kiosks in the foyer and process your giving. Fill out the offering envelope, enclose your receipt, and drop it in the kiosk.  

*For tax receipts, donations MUST be made using an envelope, as we need a record of your gift.


1. Online Fund Transfer

You can set up a one-time tithing gift or automatic monthly tithing direct from your bank account via the "Pay Bills and Transfer Funds" option on your bank website. To set this up, add KOINONIA as a payee and please email us to request a unique identifier.

2. Online Giving

If you prefer to give online, you can do so by clicking the button to the right. You will be taken to our online donation page where you can process both one-time and scheduled recurring gifts.

*Please note: Giving and registrations are processed best using the Mozilla Firefox browser.
If you are experiencing difficulty giving or registering for an event, please try using this Internet browser.*

You can give towards the following:
Building - Legacy fund
Koinonia Christian Academy (Cornerstone) - General
KiDZONE - General, Camp Dunamis, Shining Star
Missions - Christmas Blessing, JAM, SVET, ReSST, M414, World Teams
Offering - General, byDesign Designed 2B Great