10 Ideas for Building Community in the Summer

It’s hard to believe but August has arrived and back to school time is just around the corner!  Let’s make it a priority to connect with others outside of our regular “crew” before the weather cools off and we are back into the fall routine.

Need some inspiration?  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1.     Plan to have your Sunday lunch as a picnic at a local park and invite another family or 2 to join you. 
2.     Invite a couple of co-workers to walk around the block with you during your lunch break. 
3.     Taking your crew to the splash pad or local pool?  Invite a family in your neighbourhood to come along.
4.     There are some great biking trails around our region – invite some others to ride with you for an afternoon.
5.     Meet an old friend at a local café or patio and catch up on life.
6.     Watch a neighbour or friends’ kids play at a local sporting event – show your support!
7.     Check the Region of Waterloo’s summer events calendar for the fun things happening Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener.  Chances are you’ll find an event that reminds you of a friend – plan to enjoy it together. 
8.     Know a family or neighbour that is going on holidays?  Offer to cut their grass or look after their pets.
9.     Want an alternative to a movie night?  Learn a new board/card game with family or friends.  Or try going to a Board Game Café!
10. Find a new recipe or DIY project that’s been sitting on your Pinterest board and invite a friend to shop + make it with you!

Any activity can be an opportunity to build community!  Usually we just need to take the time to think and plan ahead to really be purposeful about reaching beyond our usual comfort zone.  

Continue Living Life Bigger!