Volunteer Highlight - Hospitality

This month, we asked the lovely Tena Eccles to tell us about why she loves serving in the house!  Here are her answers:

Which serving team are you part of? 
I am part of three teams.  I lead the Kitchen Hospitality team.  I serve on the Ray of Hope food prep and serving team as well as Children's Ministry - Preschool on Wednesday nights. 

How long have you been serving in that area? 
I have been on the Kitchen Hospitality team for 8 or 9 years.  I have been leading the team for the past year.     I have been serving on the Ray of Hope team for about 5 years.    I've been serving in Wednesday night preschool classes for about 12 years.   

What’s the best part about serving on that team? 
I enjoy serving on the Kitchen Hospitality team and the Ray of Hope teams because they are fun ways to make a difference for others while remaining behind the scenes. 
The best part of serving in Children's Ministry is being able to interact with the kids.   I love their excitement and enthusiasm, as well as their unpredictability.   No night is ever the same! 

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve experienced through serving?   
I think the greatest challenge I experienced through serving was stretching out of my comfort zone to take on leadership of the kitchen hospitality team.   I am supported by a great team who has made it a pretty smooth transition.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned while serving on that team?   
I think one of my greatest lessons came from serving at Ray of Hope.   When we serve the meal at Ray of Hope and interact with the guests there I realize how truly blessed I am to be healthy, financially stable and have a home.   I also realize just how much I take for granted each day.   The 'simple' things in life really are gifts to be appreciated.   

How does serving in that area contribute to the big picture vision (Building relationships with God, one another and the world)? 
In Kitchen Hospitality we are building relationships with  each other by serving as a team, and getting to know the team members that we are serving.   
In Children's ministry we are showing God's love to the children in our classes - both in class and outside of it.   They are the leaders of the future who will touch and influence our world.   
At Ray of Hope we are serving our community - sharing God's love and a hot meal with those who may may feel unloved and forgotten in our community.

Thanks Tena!  If you have questions about any of the above teams, please email us at kcf@kcf.org.