Volunteer Highlight - Production Team

We asked Brad Smith, one of our service producers, to share his thoughts about what it's like to be part of the Production Team!

Which Serving Team are you a part of?

I am on the Production Team that helps make every service an opportunity for guests and visitors connect with the Spirit while limiting any distractions.

How long have you been serving in this area?

I have been serving on the Production Team since earlier this year. I have less than one year of experience.

What is the best part of serving on this team?

The best part of serving on this team is hard to answer. There are a couple of things that stand out. First, I get to work and volunteer with some great likeminded people. Working in Production attracts a certain type of person. The Bible teaches that there are different parts of the body and each part plays an important role in accomplishing Kingdom work. Being on Production Team brings those skill sets into one place where together we contribute to Kingdom work. I’m not sure how else I would have met these great people except to volunteer with them. This is specifically true coming from different generations. There are young (teens) working alongside the middle aged (me) as well as the elderly (no names here!). I love the intergenerational experience.

Second, I get to serve in a way that leads visitors and guest right into the presence of God through a worship service. Yes even as a producer, I play an important role to make sure the experience is such that everyone can forget about what is going on around them and just...worship.

What is the greatest challenge you have experienced through serving?

The greatest challenge I have faced so far in my short tenure is the learning curve. There is so much to learn. But, there are great people who are patient and knowledgeable that help you along that curve. It has been enjoyable.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned while serving on that team?

The greatest lesson I have learned is that regardless of age, knowledge, talent and gifting, everyone can contribute to the success of the production team. Every role is important and needed. Just like any team sport, every member of the team is needed to contribute to the success of the production.

How does serving contribute to the Big Picture?

I believe that I have shared the building of one another in the statements above. Building relationship with God in regards to the Production Team is a sense of humility. It is easy to be a team member and slip into the idea that WE did it. It is easy to come to church and be entertained. But to humble yourself to serve God in such a way that others can connect with Him, has helped me appreciate the relationship I have with a personal God. At the end of a service to see hands raised to accept the Lord, reminds me of my journey and where I once was. And now I am playing my part in expanding God's Kingdom. That causes me to rejoice and reinforces my role in Kingdom work.

In regards to the world, being on production gives me great confidence to bring and invite people to Koinonia. I have a high level of confidence that every service, every event, every opportunity to be together will be completed with great attention to detail. This was not always true of churches I have attended in the past. But at Koinonia and understanding all that goes into production, provides me with great confidence to invite the world to this church.

Thanks Brad!  If you want more information about being part of the Production team, please email kathryn.hofer@kcf.org.