SLI Class of 2013/2014

Congratulations to our SLI Class on their graduation!  We are proud of each of you and how you have grown this year.  

One of our SLI, Bianca Guderian, delivered this excellent speech about what she learned during her year.  It's a beautiful picture of the inner workings of relationships:

"I'd like to talk about two things that I have learned a lot about this past year; math and people. In the past 12 months 3 of them have been spent learning about math and 9 of them spent learning about people.  Math is logical, consistent and predictable.  People are unpredictable, inconsistent and don't always make sense.  Math follows the numbers.  People can follow their emotions.  Math is perfect.  People are imperfect.  Math brings problems to be solved.  People bring conflict to be resolved.

I prefer solving math problems as opposed to resolving conflict with people. Problems are easily solved; conflicts are not as easily resolved. But what I have learned this year is that the result of resolving a conflict is much greater that the result of solving a problem.

I used to look at building relationships as writing a math equation. I wanted them perfect with no error. But a perfect relationship, with no trial, is a weak one. This year taught me not to build perfect relationships but strong ones. Conflict resolving gives you a strong relationship. Contrary to popular belief solid relationships are built on conflicts overcome.  Conflicts build strong lasting relationships. In order to overcome conflict, commitment to the relationship, patience, forgiveness and love is needed. I thank my classmates for demonstrating all of these things and showing me that relationships are worth fighting for. We had our fair share of conflict and disagreement but we wouldn’t be the friends we are today without them.

This year has also shown me that every relationship is unique and valuable. While math will always give you the same answer, people will never give you the same relationship. The way you work through conflict and the experiences you share give you a unique relationship with that person that no one else has. In the past I have found myself coveting others relationships because they “always get along” or they are closer. But the relationship I have with that person is unique and no one else has it. The conflicts resolved and the experiences shared are ours and ours alone. The relationships I have are beautiful things.

I thank the SLI staff, my classmates and my family for showing me the value of the relationships I have and how to build strong lasting relationships."