Missions Update: Impact Romania

"I would like to give you a follow up after our Christmas Mission trip this past December. It was a raging success! Thank you again, Koinonia, for your prayers and support! The opportunity to participate in this short term service trip with Impact Romania was life changing. Last time we spoke, I told you how we were preparing a series of Christmas celebrations for the kids living in the four orphanages we work with in Romania. Our hope was that as we prayed, played, sang, told stories and opened gifts under the Christmas tree that this time with the children would feel like a true "Christmas morning" experience of family, togetherness, and belonging. That each child would feel important, valued, and special. Your prayers, donations and support went a long way in making this vision come true and allowing for each of these children to have a truly special Christmas season. The theme for our program is 'you are special.' We were inspired by the Max Lucado story by the same title. A must read!  We hoped that in all our different activities with the children that we would continue to reinforce in many different ways each child's uniqueness.  Whether that was through the creation of their own crafts and baking or through getting to pick out a new pair of boots or coat according to their personal preference and style. A lot has happened since then as I’m enjoying my new position as the Assistant Canadian Teams Coordinator for Impact Romania. What a blessing! We are about to lead a Canadian team to Romania from May 5-22.  During our time in Romania we will be participating in foster home retreats, cookouts, crafts, games and more. This will be an amazing time of ministry and relationship building. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to reach out and disciple and develop the orphans of Romania. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon."

-Ashleigh Ge