Lives Changed at Encounter Weekend

We know that there are so many stories of lives that were touched and changed at our first Encounter Weekend (September 12-13)!  There's nothing like the presence of God - it is the place where we are healed, delivered, and empowered to live in the freedom that Jesus paid for.  Here are a couple of stories - more to come!

Over my lifetime, I've been to many ministries where I've been delivered from garbage, baggage and sin in my life and I had my house swept clean. I experience much freedom and joy, but I failed to keep my freedom because I didn't fill my house with the truth. I didn't replace the lies with God's Word and truth and eventually the old garbage came back and brought more garbage with it.
This encounter weekend just didn't sweep the house clean again but it gave me a whole arsenal of practical tools to live in freedom - from one session aimed totally at the new man and walking in my freedom, to the choices I make on what I feed my eyes and ears on through the media, to wrong belief systems, to the strategies of the enemy and the power of forgiveness, to self pep talks and speaking out truth and taking authority over the devil. I was also fed a steady diet of truth all weekend so I can decorate the inside of this house with these instead of the lies I was comfortable with and use to.  I also know now that I am not alone in my struggles and a favorite message that was repeated this weekend is that "life is better together." I don't have to Lone Ranger it. I have been introduced to a large network of terrific gals who will lift me up so I can move forward to make Christ the number one priority in my life.

~ Karen Guderian, participant

I had the incredible opportunity to be a facilitator at Encounter.  I was expecting to be "just" a support and fellow prayer partner to Dot Turner, as well as support "staff" for the weekend.  That's what I "expected", but God had different plans!  God opened my heart and gave me the capacity to pray and agree with people like I have never done before.  God gave me words and pictures for people and I was able to speak these out in obedience and see people be changed.  I stepped out of my comfort zone of what I think things should look like, and let God work through me to help others towards freedom in Him!  What an incredible opportunity, what an incredible God we serve.  It was truly overwhelming in a God "awe"some sort of way.  Even teaching the segment on media, I let God dictate the words, and it was so freeing to speak HIS thoughts and HIS heart.    I left that weekend knowing in my spirit that God had so much more for me than I could ever hope or imagine.  This was just a step in the right direction.

~ Laura Barnes, facilitator