A Note from our Pastors - March

This month, as we celebrate our 31st birthday, we are filled with gratitude for God's faithfulness to us. We remind ourselves of the years that are behind us and the journey of faith that has brought us to today. We also celebrate the years that are ahead of us as we continue to draw close to God and live life bigger!

We are looking forward to gathering together on Easter Weekend as a church family. Let's take time to remember and reflect on the incredible price that Jesus paid as He died on the cross, sacrificing His life so that we may live. Then, let's celebrate His resurrection and life! We truly serve a God who is alive and at work in us.

We want to encourage you to be praying about who you can invite to join you for any of our Easter services. We are anticipating a powerful weekend, so don't miss this great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone to ask family and friends, neighbours and co-workers to experience it with you.

Let's Live Life Bigger!

Pastor Steve & Beth Fleming