A Note From Our Pastors - April

Easter is coming up quickly and we always look forward to taking time to reflect on all that Jesus has done for us. Let’s step into the Easter season with big, open hearts, full of expectation for what God will speak to us. We can receive fresh revelation on His amazing love, poured out for us.

Let’s always be asking “Who can I invite?” because the Good News is for sharing! Allow God to use you to reach out to someone in your world, and invite them to join you for our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services (April 3 & 5 at 9:00 or 11:00am).

Also, we are looking forward to the upcoming season on Wednesday nights. Wednesdays are a great time to go deeper into what we are learning, and to deepen relationships with others. Over the next number of Wednesday nights, we will be hearing testimonies and messages to further our understanding of stewardship in a practical way. We will also be taking time to refresh our course, formerly called Rooted & Grounded, which is all about the building blocks of our faith. This is a great opportunity to get refreshed on a solid foundation of what we believe.

Living Life Bigger,

Pastor Steve & Beth Fleming