Missions Update - Guatemala

Here is a recent update from Anthony VanEngen, one of our missions partners in Guatemala:

Thank you Koinonia for partnering with the work in Guatemala. I want to share a little story how your donations are going to help people in rural Guatemala in the Santa Rosa region. I would like to introduce you to the Alvarado Rodriguez family. They are a family of 10 that has been affected by extreme poverty, hurricanes, floods and lack of education. Abandoned by the mother in 2007 the younger kids were rescued and placed in Casa Esperanza children's home where I have been volunteering for the last 11 years. In 2010 the courts awarded the father with custody. In 2011 I began looking for sponsors for school. The kids were very intelligent but the father was finding it hard to keep all 5 kids in school. He is also illiterate and finds it hard to find work. Since 2011 we have sponsored all 5 kids in school. In 2012 one of the sponsors who visited them where they were squatting in the hut (seen in the pictures) mentioned about building them a home. It was too big for me though it was confirmation. I was scared and just said it was a great idea. Little did I know it would be an amazing 2 years watching God grow my faith and supply all the funds for the project. The family was the poorest in the village. We declared Eph 3:20 over there lives and even put it on the first picnic table we ever made! (Since then we have made over 120 of these tables blessing families) Also a feeding program in this same village and others surrounding have stemmed out of this project. We now feed 570 kids 2 times a week in 4 different schools. Malnutrition is very chronic in Guatemala among children and we have been able to minister in these schools, it has opened the doors. 

Koinonia played a major in making this home for this family and continue to make the feeding program a reality. This family now has a new home. One day the father told me he thought God had forgotten about him. Well, God has shown him and his family His exceedingly and abundant Love through this project that continues to bless many. It is a real testimony that they continue to share.

Thank you for being a part in Gods plan for this family and helping to bless this region of Guatemala with His love.